how to safely leave animals at home

If you must leave and cannot take your large animals, before you depart take these actions to SHELTER-IN-PLACE.

  • 1. MARK your large animals with your name and phone number. Use a Twist Stix or Sharpie. Write in big letters and numbers.
  • 2. MOVE them to a large fenced area like a large paddock or pasture, ideally with a dirt ground and little or no foliage or trees.
  • 3. FOOD and WATER should be placed with the animals. Two days worth of food and water, including a lot of grass hay, should be placed in the middle of the paddock away from the edges of the property. Using slow feeders, if available, would be beneficial.
  • 4. CALL the EEE Emergency Hotline (833) 922-9333 and tell them that you are leaving or have left and answer their questions. Know that there is no guarantee that EEE will be able to evacuate your animals.
  • 5. Put a sign or notice on your gate near the road that says that there are animals there and where to find them.
  • 6. On your way out CALL 911 to let first responders (Fire or Sheriff) know the location of the sheltered animals. Know that it is not the County’s responsibility to evacuate your animals.

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