In-mid October, The Sheriff’s Office activated and deployed EEE to the Horse Fire near Mayer. Fortunately, evacuations were not required as horse owners were prepared and were able to self-evacuate. EEE remained on alert for several days thereafter with EEE Communications monitoring the incident until containment. During the incident, the EEE Evac Head was interviewed by two Phoenix TV stations. A clip of the interview was included in subsequent EEE outreach materials and which you may view the link at the bottom of this email.

As the wild fire season wound down, EEE turned its attention to the need to obtain a trailer that would serve as a mobile communications command center and as a means of storing and transporting equipment to incident Staging Areas.

A fundraising campaign was created called “Saving‘ Em Safely” that included marketing materials created by the EEE web designer, coordination among the EEE website FaceBook page, PayPal and GoFundMe. A team was created to develop the campaign and another team was focused on the specifications for the trailer, the modifications that would be required and price information.

Five sponsors were identified that participated in the campaign: Yavapai Humane Society, Prescott Animal Hospital, Olsen’s Feed & Grain, Cre Run Farm and the Findlay Auto Group. We were very pleased to obtain the support of the Harold James Family Foundation among others.

A goal of $10,000 was established, and EEE was pleased to see the goal exceeded as $13,166 in total was received.

Simultaneous with the campaign, EEE submitted a grant application to the Arizona Horse Lover’s Association that is administered by the Arizona Community Foundation. The request is for $5,864 to obtain technical
rescue equipment. Final decisions are expected in the last week of January, 2021.

While technical rescue capability was considered to be a strategic objective for 2021, EEE was contacted in mid-November to assist in an actual technical rescue event. EEE immediately deployed six volunteers, one of whom had taken a technical rescue course. While the horse had been down too long to be saved, the owner was very appreciative of our efforts and contacted the Daily Courier, (see the attachment below), which ran a front-page story about the incident. The owner was quoted as urging readers to donate to EEE for technical rescue equipment. This resulted in additional donations of $1,148 (which reduced the overall grant request).

As an important outcome of the incident, EEE is now designated as the 911 resource for large animal evacuation and technical rescue by YCSO and by Prescott Regional Communications Center. Since the designation, EEE has conducted a HotLine drill and will conduct additional Dispatch and Communications training.

The trailer team identified a high quality 16’ new Aluma trailer that meets all requirements and it was purchased at a very favorable price. Arrangements are being made to bring it to Prescott where modifications will be made.


As most EEE processes and protocols are designed for virtual operations as well as from designated staging areas, the COVID-19 situation did not cause significant disruption of activities other than transferring meetings and drills to Zoom. EEE added a capability to assist owners who were hospitalized, quarantined or otherwise with difficult circumstances due to COVID-19 to help feed, water and muck for their animals. We have received appreciation for recognizing this issue; however, no one has yet asked for these services.

One outdoor drill was conducted to successfully test communications processes and equipment. The Comms Team has been able to coordinate with the two County ham radio clubs to gain access to the five mountaintop repeaters in the area.

While the wildfire season in the County was benign this year, EEE responded promptly to three small wildfires by going on internal alert status. The Horse Fire resulted in the only deployment.

In addition to the very successful “Saving ‘Em Safely” campaign, EEE was the beneficiary of a number of handheld radios and chargers. The Communications Team purchased additional equipment that permitted the ham access that is now in place.

In summary, 2020 was a year of extraordinary growth and achievement for EEE. There is much to be proud of, and I thank you all for our many achievements during the year. We go confidently into 2021 with sincere thanks to our sponsors, donors and all of the volunteers who have done so much to make EEE a reality.

Horse Fire video