Is potentially a disaster for the animal and the owner. Owners need to know the immediate steps to be taken.

EEE Technical Rescue Training

Owners should call 911 or the EEE Hotline (833-922-9333) immediately.

It is unlikely the incident will occur where the EEE Hotline number is posted. However, 911 will give you the EEE Hotline number.

The following guidance was developed by nationally known large animal technical rescue experts, Chief John and Deb Fox.

All owners should be familiar with this guidance.


Call as soon as possible to give responders time to activate and deploy. There is no problem cancelling a response if the incident resolves.


  • 911: If a rider is injured, request an ambulance. If animal only, request the phone numbers of EEE and your local Fire Department.

EEE Rescue, Williamson Valley.

BE PREPARED TO DESCRIBE THE INCIDENT to EEE and your local Fire Department responders:

On-Road Incident?
  • Horse vs vehicle
  • Horse trailer wreck
  • Horse down in roadway
Off-Road or barn/barnyard incident?
  • Is this an entanglement?
  • Is this an entrapment?
  • Old age or medical related?
Over the side incident?
  • Is a rider involved, does the rider need assistance?
  • How far down is the horse?
  • Remote or easily accessed by vehicle?
Position of horse?
  • Standing
  • Upside down, sternal, recumbent
  • How long has the animal been down?


  • Don’t attempt to reposition the animal if there is a chance for secondary disaster. Wait for trained personnel and equipment. Do not drag the animal.
  • Keep horse calm. That means you must stay as calm as possible.
  • Protect the head with saddle pads or coats; approach from the back, avoid the legs. Animals can thrash without warning.
  • Establish voice contact with responders; provide them with updates on condition.
  • Photograph and send pics to responders while they are en route. You will receive guidance along the way.
  • Send someone to the nearest main access to guide responders to the scene.
While waiting for help to arrive, assemble any resources you may have: Tractor, backhoe, quads for transport of equipment, bandages, etc.

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