Are You and Your Horse Ready for Emergency Evacuation?

Do you know what to do if your animal is down


EEE has trained technical rescue volunteers and specialized equipment to rescue down animals.

EEE Rescue, Chino Valley

Equine Emergency Evacuation of Yavapai County


To be an active and valued contributor to the communities we serve in terms of animal owner awareness, education, preparation for evacuations and emergencies.

To be a tool in the first responder tool box and to evacuate and rescue large animals safely and professionally.

To ensure the best possible outcomes for large animals affected by disasters, declared or personal.


Your animals count on you to do the right thing.



The recent wildfires in Yavapai County were large and noteworthy. Some were in developed areas. Trusting in Luck is not a sound strategy for you or your animals. 

Large Animal evacuation is the responsibility of each owner. Do not expect the County to evacuate your animals.


Staying in place during an evacuation can be extremely dangerous. Analysis of human fatalities during Hurricane Katrina found conclusively that many human deaths were attributable to  owners being unwilliing to evacuate because they would not leave their animals and had no means to evacuate them. It is one thing to possibly resign yourself to an awful fate, but you are also responsible for the well-being of your animals.


Yavapai County is very large. It is almost as big as New Jersey. Much of the County is rural and remote. Roads conditions, distances and topography can be challenging. Owners should not assume that a call for assistance will result in a timely response when an incident occurs. Owners need to be clear-eyed and objective about caring for their animals in an emergency.


Many owners do not have a horse trailer to evacuate their animals. It is estimated that as many as one third of the horses in the County do not have a means of evacuation.


EEE is an all volunteer group that seeks to evacuate and transport large animals during emergencies and incidents. They have limited operational capabilities.


Accidents involving down animals can occur at all hours of the day and night all year round. They can occur in the wild or in the barn. Time is critical and owners must know what to do and what NOT to do to have a successful outcome.

Doce Fire 2013

equine emergency evacuation of yavapai county


Equine Emergency Evacuation of Yavapai County (“EEE”) is a tax-exempt, all-volunteer organization that assists equine owners in the event of wildfire, flood, and other emergency situations. EEE is the only County 911 resource that performs this function.

EEE is a Community Organization Active in Disasters (COAD) which is a FEMA designation. EEE coordinates with County Emergency Management and obtains prior permissions from the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Incident Command to transport large animals out of evacuated areas. EEE transports animals both pre-and post-incident in addition to official evacuations declared by Incident Command.

Doce Fire 2013

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